Bedarra Island is located in the tropics. January to March are our wettest months with the likelihood of rain very high. During these months temperatures will remain very warm and humid every day without fail.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Ann
Mean Max 31.5 31.3 30.7 29.2 27.1 25.3 24.9 25.9 27.6 29.3 30.6 31.5 28.8
Mean Min 22.8 22.9 21.9 20.1 17.5 14.8 13.6 14.2 16.2 18.8 21.0 22.2 18.9
Mean Rain
433.7 464.1 403.4 210.2 95.3 47.1 30.9 30.1 38.1 52.9 115.1 193.6 2120.1
Median Rain
367.7 431.8 327.2 158.1 75.9 33.1 22.2 22.8 20.7 37.1 82.5 137.3 2051.7
Rain Days
15.7 16.2 16.8 14.6 11.5 7.5 6.0 5.8 5.7 6.8 8.8 11.4 126.5

Frequently Asked Questions - Download the FAQ here

Q: Can I visit the Bedarra Island Resort and use the facilities..?
A: No. The Resort facilities are for the use of the Resort guests only. You can combine a stay at the Resort with your visit to East Bedarra.
Q: Can I visit Dunk Island and use the facilities..?.
A: Yes. You can visit the island and hire jet skis, play golf and enjoy many of the facilities.
Dunk Island Water Sports (Ph: 07 4068 8199) can arrange transfers to and from Bedarra island.
Have a look at www.dunk-island.com
Q: Is there a restaurant nearby..?
A: There are no restaurants that you can use whilst staying on the island. Planning your provisioning for your stay is half the fun.
Q: Is there mobile reception on the island..?
A: Yes, but it isn’t great. Telstra works best. There is a phone in the villa for your use. Local calls are free of charge, all other calls are charged at cost +10%.
Q: Is there a DVD player in the villa..?
A: Yes and a selection of DVDs.
Q: Is there Cable TV in the villa..?
A: Yes there is.
Q: Is there a phone line in the villa..?
A: Yes. Local calls are complimentary. All other calls will be charged after your stay.
Q: What should I pack..?
A: As little as possible..! No need to dress up for anyone or anything whilst on the island. The temperatures are rarely cool enough for anything other than a light pull over in July.
Your bags need to be carried to the house so 1 soft carry bag per person is the best solution.
Q: Can I hire a boat..?
A: Yes, we can arrange for a “tinny” to be delivered to the island so you can explore the neighbouring beaches and islands.
Q: Are there hairdryers and clothes dryers in the house..?
A: No. The houses are solar / battery powered and electricity use needs to be used conservatively.
Q: Who else will be on the island..?
A: There are only 7 private residences on the island so it is very likely you not will see anyone else. There are full time caretakers should you need any assistance during your stay on the island.
Current Weather Conditions
Morning Clouds. Mild..
Max: 24
A Few Showers. Mostly Sunny. Cool..
Max: 22
Showers Early. Mostly Sunny. Cool..
Max: 23

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